Day 5: Homemade Pizza

My Mom made homemade pizza today. She makes amazing personal sized pizzas. The little pies are very filling and much better than most pizzerias. The crust is super thin and cracker-like. The slimness actually works very well with a load of sauce and cheese. The only problem I have with the slices is that they can get a little too full, especially in the middle (sorry Ma!)

P.S. Sorry for these short entries. I’m a bit tired. And that picture above is most definitely not my mom.

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Day 4: Digiorno’s

Alright, alright, I know. I messed up. I ate frozen, generic brand pizza. It was July 4th, and I had no transportation. Cut me some slack. The fact of the matter is it’s my pizza quest, and so far I’ve succeeded in the ultimate goal: eat at least a slice of pizza everyday. I’m not going to describe Digiornio’s Pizza to you either. If you really want to know the taste of it go to the store and buy your own pie.

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Day 3: Formaggio’s

Formaggio’s is a somewhat legendary institution of Southside late night dining here in B’ham. The place stays open till 5 A.M. almost every night of the week, obviously catering to the drunk UAB students wandering around after parties. It is nice they are open so late, however Formaggio’s is like the Waffle House of pizzerias. The pizza really isn’t spectacular, but it is good for a meal way into the night. I had pizza with tomatoes and basil (I think?), and while it wasn’t that bad it wasn’t anything to write home about. Unlike the Waffle House, Formaggio’s prices are pretty through the roof. I luckily didn’t pay last night, but when I went two weeks ago a twelve inch, one topping pizza with a drink was $14. In conclusion, if you are up late and want pizza hit up Formaggio’s, otherwise look elsewhere. I couldn’t find a fitting picture online of Formaggio’s which is very strange.

Today is July 4th, and I’m having trouble getting anywhere to get a slice. Uh-oh.

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Day 2: Little Caesar’s Birmingham Baron’s Stadium Pizza

Before someone calls me out and tells me that I’ve already lost the challenge by eating chain pizza let me explain. The Birmingham Barons are the local minor league baseball team here in Birmingham. I headed off tonight for a game and decided I would grab whatever the stadium pizza would be. I get to the game and find out it’s Little Caesar’s. Now, stadium Little Caesar’s and regular Little Caesar’s are two entirely different things. Stadium Little Caesar’s is actually pretty decent. Sure, the crust is a mush of grease like two hours or so after it snows here in Alabama. And yes, it’s been sitting out all day in the hot, summer evening, but there is something so satisfying about stadium L.C. pizza. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I just can’t; it’s an entirely different taste from the norm. Speaking of normal Little Caesar’s, it’s awful. Quality over price my friends.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to have a camera on my journey. Maybe for one or two entries, but definitely not the entire thing. Trust me though, I am eating pizza everyday.

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Day 1: Johnny Brusco’s

Right next to my employer lies one of the better chain pizza places I’ve ever had. Johnny Brusco’s in Vestavia Hills, AL is one-hundred times better than any of the “big three” (Dominoes, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut), but still isn’t the best in the city. Regardless, the pizza isn’t greasy, which is always an added plus to chain pizza. Today I had green peppers on one slice and a slice of cheese. I eat here a lot (like I said, my employer is next door), so I knew the meal is filling, but two slices is more than enough for a dinner. Their sauce and crust has always tasted better than average as well. If you’re in the area you should definitely stop by.

I’m feeling pretty good today about this pizza adventure. I think I may actually be able to eat this much pizza, and if I’m lucky, not get very, very sick or gain much weight. Or lose the respect of the few friends I have. Tomorrow I’m going to get a disposable digital camera. You’ll just have to trust that I ate the slices today.

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